Effective Intraday Trading Strategies for Beginners

The world of share trading is a big one, and there are various terms that one should know before investing his or her money. As different types of trading practices available nowadays, the thought of Intraday Trading is maybe the most exciting ones. In case you are not aware, it is a type of trading in which a stock is bought as well as sold on the same day.

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Undoubtedly, the total amount of money involved in this type of trading has to be high enough to produce any significant amount of income. Nevertheless, the increasing movement in the price would be quite a small one. So, if you are not trading with a large amount of money, you will not be able to see a significant amount of profit. But, it is also true that beginners cannot take risk with a large amount of money when it comes to Intraday trading. So, they require following some strategies in order to get one hundred percent profits.

  1. Keeping it small in the beginning is apparently the most fundamental strategy a beginner should keep in his or her mind. In Intraday tips, it is significant to have a good knowledge of how the stock price movements take place from the daybreak when the market opens till it gets closed. So, try to start your journey in this type of trading with small investments.
  2. It is significant to find about the stocks that are safe for intraday traders. There are definite stocks that provide assured returns, but in a very small quantity. These types of stocks are less unstable in nature; and thus the profit or loss margin included in such stocks are also quite irrelevant. Even if you undergo a loss, you would not shed tears over it.
  3. Once you have found out how the stock market works in the case of Intraday trading, start investing your money in stocks that are a little more unstable in nature. Also, enhance the amount of money you are investing. Best commodity tips provider in India helps its customers with stock market advisory services and successful tips.
  4. In order to find out the probable entry points, you can look for help from tools such as Real-time News Service, Intraday Candlestick Charts, etc. These tools can help you with three fundamental features- volume of the stock you should buy, technical assessment of the stock, and the candlestick patterns.
  5. In case you are not so confident about the above stated points, it is better to find the services of an investment advisor. In fact, most of the beginners go for consultancy services that can help them find out a powerful trading strategy according to their risk profile.
  6. Always keep in mind that looking for a target is important in Intraday Trading, and this factor relies mostly on your trading style. Some of the generally used strategies in this view are- daily pivots, fading, scalping, and momentum. On top of that, finding out a stop-loss is also quite significant for the beginners.

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