Five Old School Games that have made a comeback

Five Old School Games that have made a comeback

We are now living in the golden era of the gaming with thousands of games available to play anytime, anywhere. From action games to strategy games, there are huge varieties of game to choose and play. However, it is nice to remember the pre-internet era which had games that captured our imagination and sustained our interest in gaming that brought us till here. With the advent of internet technology, some of these games have been converted to fit online. In this post, we are going to discuss those games which left a huge mark on us in the yesteryear.

  1. Snake and Ladder

This is a board and dice game which was our saviour during our school holidays. Played among two-six players, every player moves from his/her position after the roll of the dice. The table consists of Snake and ladder as the name suggests. The goal is to escape the snake and reach the top. You have ladders to assist you to scale to the top.

The thrill of the game keeps you hooked up from the start. You can seamlessly travel to the top with the assistance of ladders, but remember all that requires is a snake bite to bring you down to the bottom. Now, the game is available online on multiple mobile platforms and you can give it a try.

  1. Ludo

Ludo board game is a fun and hilarious game to play with friends and Family.  A game of four players, this board game is extremely fun to play. In ludo, the objective is pretty straightforward; each player gets 4 tokens, they have to make a full turn of the board and then make it to the finish line. The player who gets all the four tokens is the winner.

  1. Mario

One of the famous games during the video game console era is the Mario. How can we forget the time where we connected our video game to the television sets and enjoyed the game? Did you manage to stick till the end and rescue the princess?

Now, it has made a comeback with improved graphics and is available to play on both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Rummy

If you are from India, you couldn’t have grown up without playing the rummy card game in your homes. Be it during festivals or any family get-togethers, the occasion isn’t complete without a card game.

In this internet era, just like other games which have made the transition online, rummy card game too has moved online. There are numerous sites out there offering Online Rummy game and they have made their games available both in the Android and iOS platforms.

  1. Pacman

There’s nothing more entertaining than the little old-school Pacman. The great arcade game has been played for several years. Ride along the maze by eating pellets and fruit and avoid the ghost gang. Remember the countless hours that we had spent during the bygone era with this game. Re-live those classic moments on your mobile phone now.

Try out these games today for a change and take a nostalgic trip down the lane with these games.

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