How to Add Widgets on Android Home Screen

How to Add Widgets on Android Home Screen

In case you’re an Android holder yet have yet to jump into the pool to get cool, fresh, and pleasing application gadget goodness, we’re here to attempt to convince you to in any event dunk your feet in.

Widgets is a small, live application which may run on your smartphones’ home screen, are one of the enormous differentiators of Android versus iPhone or Windows Phone. On the off chance that you find the good ones, Android application widgets may enhance your experience. Despite of the fact, Android widgets also improve your skill by speeding things up through alternate routes on your home screen or by simply looking lovely.

Add Widgets on Android Home Screen


Here’s the means by which to begin with widgets.

To begin with, look at our gathering of a portion of the best widgets accessible. Download a couple that you think look perfect, and afterward read our given below directions in the most proficient method to launch them on your Android telephone. It’s really an easy and fun, we guarantee. Furthermore, in the event that you don’t care for a gadget, you can erase it rapidly, much the same as you would an ordinary application.

Step by step instructions to install widgets on home screen

  1. Here we have a Google Nexus 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S4. On these gadgets, and all most all other Android devices, you’ll begin by long-pressing a clear, accessible space on your home screen — not on a symbol or the application launcher. Simply hold your finger down on the screen.
  2. Touch the Widgets choice from the menu that appears. With the Galaxy S4, the Applications and widgets determination will take you to the application launcher, with gadgets sorted out one after another in order behind all the applications. So simply swipe directly through to that area.
  3. When you discover the widget you need to include, hold your finger it. The gadget would pop out of the browsing list, and a small version of your home screen slides below it. While as yet holding your finger down, drag the gadget to the space on the home screen you’d like to place it and drop it there.
  4. For the widgets which are resizable, the following thing you’ll see are these parameter change markers. Slide them in or out to make the gadget smaller or bigger, contingent upon the space you have on your home screen.
  5. Once it is done, tap anyplace outside the widget to secure it.
    Once it is placed, a few widgets will install the settings application with choices and inclinations to design. In the wake of experiencing those last steps, you’re all done.

The outcome is a good looking new gadget on your home screen.

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