How to improve your business with the help of CRM software and an AI personal assistant

How to improve your business with the help of CRM software and an AI personal assistant

There are a number of free CRM software products available online as well as offline. Most of the websites charge for it and most of them do provide these products for free. Gleezo is a website which provides free CRM software as well as an AI personal assistant. This personal assistant works on artificial intelligence and named as Sally.

CRM (customer relationship management software)

Free customer relationship management software products are not provided by most of the websites. Most of them provide paid software. Customer relationship management software is a type of management softwares that allows us to maintain healthy relationships with our customers. This software not only provides a way to maintain the relationships, but also helps in keeping backups of all E-mails, chats, and phone numbers. It actually analyzes the data that needs to be maintained throughout the lifecycle of the business with a customer. Existing definitions of CRM are actually very narrow to define whole work of the software. The client relationship actually grows with the help of CRM software.

CRM is not only how the management of customers can be done but the important part is it should be successful. The CRM software also varies because some of them are simple that provides the simple tracking of data and some of them help in the complex procedure like keeping records of the customers and all the detailed history.

AI personal assistant- Living without computers is a hindrance to productivity and efficiency as computers and other technology devices can be considered as the most important tool in any activity of daily life. Traditional computers only help us to connect with the world and maintain our accounts. A normal computer works as we want it to but it does not have the capability to make decisions on its own — we have to program it to operate properly. But what would happen if we were able to program it to make decisions?? It is possible now to develop technology solutions that are decision makers, an artificially-intelligent system that works on human neural networks which will work like a normal human.

Artificial Intelligence is nothing more than a set of biological instructions fed into the computer which will behave and make decisions like a normal human. is the website which provides you Sally, which is an Artificial Intelligence personal assistant that helps in managing all your meetings. It acts really like a personal assistant – it allows you and does work for you such as managing your schedule and arranging your meetings, phone calls etc. This is a free AI personal assistant software tool.

  • To use Sally you need to first sign up on the website
  • After registering you need to begin Ccing Sally’s email address. Let Sally set your priorities and get your work done for you
  • Sally is a robot but while talking to her you will never feel like you are interacting with a robot
  • The great feature of Sally is that you can send or receive any number of emails you want, there is no limit for that
  • You need to be online to send a mail to Sally for which you must have an internet or data connection
  • Sally is 100% secure because it follows the latest security measures

Thus we use Sally as a part of our business.

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