Five Apps Draining Your Battery

Five Apps Draining Your Battery

Apps draining the battery are one of the reasons your charge doesn’t last as long as it once did. There are a few tricks that you can use to save charge, one of them is using the Total Charge feature that monitors the battery life and equally preserving its lifespan. Turning off notifications for non-crucial apps is also another way to save charge. That said there are a few apps that you should be aware of that when using, are guaranteed to drain your battery and should be avoided when you’re on low charge.

As a rule of thumb, the ones that do the most draining are those with advanced graphics- you phone has a harder time running them than apps without. Anything that requires your location or camera leads to a similar end. Here are the top five apps.

1. Snapchat
Using this app requires using your camera, a factor that drains your battery. Other actions such as check-ins, video, and photo creation, messaging and streaming also use up quite a bit of charge. It also runs in the background, sending you real-time notifications. If you use this app on a daily basis, you can expect your battery life to dwindle faster than those who don’t use the app.

2. Email servers
Whether Gmail or Outlook, this is another culprit when it comes to using up our charge. Most people set notifications or have an auto refresh for emails, and paired with regularly checking the app so that you don’t miss out on anything, and the battery gets used up. When you’re out of office or not using your email, turn off the auto sync feature.

3. Google maps
Though it is faithful when it comes to getting us around, having your location settings and GPRS on is another way your battery life gets diminished. This app runs in the background and remains active even when you’re offline or in airplane mode.

4. Netflix
The heavy graphics you expect when watching anything on this app will use up your battery than any other app. It only gets worse if you’re in the habit of binge-watching new series, you can try reducing the screen brightness. It’ll be good for both your eyes and battery life. That said, for most people, it is a necessary evil; it helps your commutes and fills in time that would be otherwise wasted. The constant streaming is ideal only when you’re near a power source.

5. Facebook and Facebook Messenger
The Facebook app is quite heavy on images and videos. This aspect indeed causes it to drain your battery significantly even within 20 minutes of use. Though convenient and a fantastic way to keep in touch with multiple people, to save battery, don’t stay on the app longer than you need to. You don’t need to see another video on Talcum Powder.

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