How to Download Android N 7.0 right now

How to Download Android N 7.0 right now

Android is the most renowned operating system on the planet which is installed on millions of devices, from tablets and smartphones to smart gadgets, for example, TVs, fridges and so on. So it’s exciting when another Android variant is released, and Google is engaged with working with latest version of Android 7.0 N.

Currently, the latest version of Android 6.0 which is simply known as Marshmallow, hasn’t even been out a year, is still so much popular across the world. Numerous Android users are as yet sitting tight for it to become accessible for their gadgets. That hasn’t ceased Google working with its follow up, despite the fact that Android 7.0 N is still in its initial stages – we don’t even at present realize what the “N” means for. However, we have made a couple healthy guesses.


Although, we understand that it’s still early days for Android 7.0 N, you may download it and launch it on your Android gadget right now.

Currently, it is available at early developer sample that means it’s not proposed for standard Android phone users, yet rather application developers who need to ensure their items work with Android 7.0 N. So in spite of the fact that you can expect a portion of the most recent elements of Android 7.0 N to work, for example, packaged notices and multi-window support, you ought to expect some bugs and mistakes too.

If you need – or want – an Android gadget that works reliably and smoothly, then you ought to sit tight for the absolute arrival of Android 7.0 N, which will ideally be launch next year.

The second critical thing to understand about this early form of Android 7.0 N is that it will at present just work with the Pixel C tablet or a more current Nexus gadget: the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9 or Nexus Player.

How to Download Android 7.0 N

With Android 7.0 N it’s currently less demanding than at any other time to get the developer review on your friendly device by means of the Android Beta Program. Go to the Android Beta Program site, and sign in utilizing your Google account.

Once you sign in then you will get your appropriate gadgets listed. To enlist a gadget in the beta project tap the ‘Enroll Device’ option. After your gadget is enrolled then you will find the air updates of Android 7.0 N, pretty much as you would with customary OS redesigns.

You may likewise install the Android 7.0 N upgrade physically by downloading the Android 7.0 and installing system image. This is a more hazardous and muddled method for redesigning to Android 7.0 N, and it likewise implies you won’t consequently get overhauls. In case despite everything you’re excited about doing this, then take after Google’s guidelines on the most proficient method to streak your Nexus gadget.

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