How to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords saved on your PC

How to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords saved on your PC

It’s really good to know that Wi-Fi can hold so much wonderful attraction to your house, it just about compensates for every one of the agonies that join it. One of the main problems of Wi-Fi is something that is self-caused: overlooking your system watchword. We’ve all been there. You take the guidance of the security specialists by making an arbitrary, long Wi-Fi system password and then speedily lose or overlook that entangled secret word.


That is not an issue for any of the machines that were already set up, yet it could be an issue when you have visitors or bring home a sparkly, new Chrome cast for your TV.

Here’s the steps by which you can easily recover your saved Wi-Fi password from your PC.

For clients on Windows 7 and it’s simple to expose the password for the system you’re right now associated with. Here is the instruction for Windows 7/8/8.1/10. If you would like OS specification instructions, look at Microsoft’s page.


Step 1:- Right click on the Start menu.

Step 2:- By just clicking on Start menu open Control Panel.

Step 3:- Once your Control Panel is open, you have to find Network and Internet option. Click on Network and Internet.

Step 4:- After opening of Network and Internet option now you have to go with Network and Sharing Center.

Step 5:- Now you have to click on “View your active networks” which is just below of Network and Sharing Center option.

Step 6:- Click on the blue colored links written as “Connections”. Windows 7 is now shows you the password of your existing Wi-Fi network.

This opens a window called Wi-Fi Status. Presently click Wireless Properties and in the new window tap on the Security tab where you will find a text called “Network Security Key”, with the Wi-Fi password or secret key spoke to as a progression of dark dots. Try not to stress if the quantity of black dots don’t line up with your real secret word password length as these are just placeholders.

To see your secret word tap the Show characters box and your watchword will show up in the system security key box. Presently you can duplicate it or demonstrate to it to another person.

Retrieve Your Wi-Fi past

Free WIFI Password Recovery

The above technique demonstrate the steps of finding the Wi-Fi password which you are using currently, but if you want to know the Wi-Fi password which you have been using in past then here is the steps given. The most straight forward approach to get at them requires additional assistance from a free utility, for example, Nirsoft’s Wireless Key View. The project downloads as a compress record. Separate the substance to any area you’d like and afterward tap the included exe document. At this written work it was named WirelessKeyView.exe.


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