Rummycircle reviews- Is the game worth playing

Rummycircle reviews- Is the game worth playing

In this Rummycircle review post, we will be talking about Rummycircle. Rummy is a game played by all the generations whether it may be small kids, youngsters, housewives or old age group. Rummy is popular among all the age group people. This game is popular since long time though its origin has not been reported but sources said that this game may have arisen from some of the old Chinese games.

In this review of Rummy Circle, I will be adding both the good and bad points which will help you to know whether it is good or bad to play rummy. is one of the most popular websites these days and claims that it has a maximum number of registered users than any other website. Earlier this website was known by the different name called Game 24* I have been playing rummy online since years and I am a regular player of this game. So I can talk about all the pros and cons about this game so I will be giving a review on

Rummycircle reviews (pros)

You can register easily:

You just need to register and fill all the details. The form is short and you can fill the basic details. Once you are registered. You will be directed to the start page where you can choose from the game you want and play.

You don’t need to download it:

The good thing about is that you don’t need to download the game. It will provide you with an option to play it instantly. If you download it then you have to update it regularly so better to not to install the application.

Play Rummy make money:

The best thing about this game is that you can win money also while playing the 13 card game. You just need to participate in the game and you don’t have to pay any entry fee for such game. It is totally free of cost..!!

Rummycircle review (cons)

Rummy is an addictive game:

Once you start playing rummy you can be addicted to it because it is a bit of like gambling the more you bet the more you want to win but it depends totally on you how much you play the game and how you play it. Because we can decide our limits how much we have to play.

It takes a bit long time to load:

The bad points can include that rummy table needs a longer time to load there are a bit of complaint about all this that the table takes a lot of time to load and by the time it is loaded the seats are filled and the players had already joined the game so this can be a problem. But it’s not a huge thing to be worried about.

You will not get response on time:

You can’t expect to give an immediate response on their websites like facebook and twitter because they don’t handle them properly so if you have a query regarding your game it will take time to be resolved.

Hope this rummycircle review will help you to get better gaming idea about rummy card games at Rummycircle

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