Shootlr lets you request a selfie from someone

Shootlr lets you request a selfie from someone

Shootlr app is a newly launched application for Android and iOS device which allows its users to take selfie from another person. Everybody knows most of the selfie lovers who loves to take selfies, ensures everything looks as great as it may but Shootlr is the new app which will change all the earlier perspective of selfies.

Newly launched application for Android and iOS device
Newly launched application for Android and iOS device

The main thought behind launching Shootlr is that you send a request for selfie to a contact through this application and set a period limit in respect to what extent the contact needs to take the photo. Then your contact may send you a pic back or disregard the request and you get as genuine selfie as it really happened, not an organized one.

Shootlr is accessible for nothing on Android and iOS devices however starting right now the download page on doesn’t have working download joins. We’ve found the Android form yet not the iOS one, it may be the case that it is simply not completely unmistakable in the App Store so look out for it.

What do you call it when you have an application that gives you a chance to take an image of you by someone else, utilizing your own cell-phone? Don’t be confuse, It’s not a picture… It’s not a selfie… You can call it a someone elsie.

Shootlr is an application that is endeavoring to take valiant new border of camera work to the crowed. It’s an application that empowers you to constrain your companions take a selfie for you, from the solace of your cell phone. The Shootlr application will entreat you to take a selfie when one of your companions request one.

How Shootlr works ?

If you are looking for the information about how this Shootlr application works than here we are going to explain its working. You keep in mind that when you’ve seen a photograph of your companion and you send a request of photograph to her. A notification buzzes in his/her phone, once he/she opens the application, a clock timer of three seconds immediately starts and with the end of the timer it snaps his/her photograph and then shares with you . Obviously, you can most likely expect a Shootlr ask for consequently.


We are sure that a question may arise in your mind that whether this can turn into the next Snapchat Instagram or not. We can see the application having a specific claim – selfies on interest from your dearest companions is verifiably a fascinating pitch — there’s unquestionably something bumping about the idea of the application, identified with being forced to bear a photograph demand.


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